And she was
wearing trousers:
a call to our heroines

Rara Zulu

Noli (2022)

Inspired by the staunch storytelling and powerful activism of Dorothy Masuka, Noli dedicates a homage to the original song ‘Nolishwa’. As a multi-channel sound installation, my vocals are layered alongside an original beat, as sound portraits with varying compositions.
A dark room with timber wooden structures, one supporting four speakers, spot lit with a green painted bench in the background.
The soundscape is inspired by my love of dark electronica and polyrhythmic drum patterns. The lyrics include a reprise of the original chorus, a new interpretation of the story of a woman who was gossiped about for her free and strong will. Noli is an inspiration to let a bitch be free.
A dark room with floorboards and surrounding curtain has a timber structure spot lit in the middle of the room with speakkers and cords positioned on its shelves. There is a teal curved bench in the left background adjacent to a blue projection light that is shining on the back curtain.

Multi-channel sound installation with five speakers. Dimensions variable. Duration: 04:37.

Installation views of Noli at Arts House, 2022.

Sound support: Marco Cher Gibard.

An African woman sits on the stoep of a pink painted house that has white chairs and a pink bike in the background. She is wearing a yellow dress and black boots, and has long blonde braids.

Rara Zulu is a musician with a wholesome rawness and a unique tendency to pull you into a state of vulnerability through her music. Her sound is heavily influenced by soul, R’n’B and hip hop; made apparent in the rhythm and depth in her voice. Rara has performed in numerous venues across Sydney and Melbourne, and has musically collaborated and supported national and international artists such as Ijale, Horatio Luna, Elle Shimada and Sibusile Xaba.