And she was
wearing trousers:
a call to our heroines

Tariro Mavondo

Heroines Walk (2022)

As a performance maker, voice is harnessed in this sound installation. Featuring piercing spoken word, the work is a metaphorical ‘Heroines Walk’. A sonic, light and text ritual, conjoining spiritual initiation to a lineage of brave Zimbabwean heroines like that of Mbuya Nehanda, Thenjiwe Lesabe, Yvonne Vera and Queen Lozikeyi.
Detail of a stack of DL print with a poem cascading down the page. The print is a Risograph with pink tones, sitting on a pine wood plinth and in the background out of focus is a wood stand with more prints displayed.
A speak mounted on an angled stand exudes purple light within a darkened room from its base onto wooden floorboards.
These women defied the immeasurable odds of Western Imperialist and patriarchal forces that continue to influence access to silenced voices of Zimbabwe. The multi/dimensional power of a woman tapped into her indigeneity cannot be beaten.
A dark room with a spot lit pine timber frame structure, houses a speaker at its base with purple light shining from below. Behind the structure is a teal colour curved bench that is also under spot light..

Sound installation with speaker and LED lights. Dimensions variable. Duration: 09:05.

Installation views of Heroines Walk at Arts House, 2022.


Reuben Lewis: trumpet, pedals, field recordings

Adam Halliwell: electric percussion

Composed, recorded, mixed and produced by Reuben Lewis.

An African woman with short dark hair is wearing a sunflower dress looking left towards a white space.

Tariro Mavondo is a multi-disciplinary storyteller, theatre maker, curator, cultural diversity and performance consultant, performance facilitator, based in Melbourne, working across performing arts, education, government, mental health, law enforcement and social justice. She graduated in 2011 from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Dramatic Arts, and received the Irene Mitchell Award for excellence in her final year. Tariro has co-directed theatre productions that have been seen at the Malthouse Theatre and Arts Centre Melbourne. She was an Australian Poetry Slam National Finalist (2010) and State Finalist (2009), the founder and producer of Africa’s Got Talent (2013–2014) and a founding member of Still Waters African Women’s Storytelling Collective and Centre of Poetic Justice.